Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has now officially beaten Street Fighter II in sales

Following a mediocre launch, Capcom's fighting game has found success six years later.

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30 years ago, Capcom released Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo in Japan, followed by releases in the west. As you know, it went on to become a huge hit with 6.3 million units sold and became a pop cultural icon that is still getting new installations to this day with Street Fighter 6 premiering next year.

Six years ago however, things weren't looking good when Capcom launched Street Fighter V. It suffered from laggy controllers, lack of single player and an overall barebones presentation. It received mixed reviews with mediocre sales. Fortunately, Capcom never gave up on their game and has continuously improved it with really impressive support - and eventually it started selling really well.

So well, that Capcom has now officially confirmed that it is the best selling Street Fighter title of all times, beating Street Fighter II with 300,000 copies. It should be known that this is only the base version of Street Fighter II and not later editions like Super Street Fighter II, but still highly impressive of course, and will continue to climb even further as Street Fighter V is still selling well.

As pointed out by eagle-eyed Neogaf user, another really classic Capcom sequel is also about to be dethroned by a newer title as Mega Man II is only 10,000 units sold ahead of Mega Man 11. It is likely that it will be passed this year.

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

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