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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V smashing its way into Eleague

The competition will kick off in March.

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Eleague has announced that Street Fighter V will be coming to Eleague, with the competition starting on March 27.

The format will be as follows: from March 27 to 30 four groups of eight will compete, fighting in best of three matches, with six of each group advancing to a regular season. The regular season will then take place from April 7 to May 12 and see four groups of six play each other in best of five matches, with the top two in each group then advancing to playoffs.

The playoffs will then see all eight players play each other in best of five matches on May 26, when the winner will be crowned and the Eleague competition will conclude. There's even a trailer to mark the announcement. Is this a big win for the fighting game community (FGC)?

Street Fighter V
Photo: Eleague

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