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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's new stage banned in competitive play

Skies of Honor not a part of Capcom's tournaments because it is too distracting

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Capcom recently announced via Twitter that Street Fighter 5's latest stage, Skies of Honor, has been banned from their own tournaments due to it being too distracting for players.

Skies of Honor was added to the game in earlier November and players almost instantly expressed concern about the stage. The level sees combatants take to the skies as they battle it out on the wing of a plane as a representation of the city of Dubai rushes by in the background.

Professional players claimed that the stage could cause distractions with some even reporting motion sickness due to the hectic movement of the background. Due to these concerns Capcom has now officially announced that Skies of Honor will not be used for Capcom Cup 2016 and the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 season, which most likely means that is the end for the stage in competitive play overall.

With tournaments using the random stage option for play this does create a slight problem. If competitors land on one of the banned stages they have to restart the game until they get one that is allowed, which could cause delays in tournaments. Two other stages were banned at Evo last year as well, which now brings the total up to three.

We may see Capcom implement some kind of option to disable certain stages in the future to try and solve this problem, but up until then players will just have to restart matches that start on unfavourable levels.

Have you guys run into any problems with Street Fighter V's stages? If you have let us know in the comments section below.

Street Fighter V

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