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Strider returns in 2014

Hiryu stars in side-scrolling action title on current-gen and next-gen.

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Capcom have announced plans to reboot the Strider franchise with a side-scrolling action platformer from Double Helix Games set to release early next year on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One (no PS4 version announced at this point). Perhaps a lesson learned from previous remakes and reboots to keep the new game similar to the old one as far as mechanics go.

"The year is Meio: 048, on an alternate dystopian future of Earth. The whole planet suffers under the oppressive, iron-fisted rule of the mysterious and omnipotent Grand Master Meio. An expert in sabotage and assassination, Hiryu is the youngest ever recruit to attain a Special A-Class in the hellish Strider training program, and is the only man capable of achieving the mission to eliminate Grand Master Meio."

Back when Capcom were collaborating with Grin on the Bionic Commando reboot it was heavily rumoured that Strider would be the next game they'd tackle, nice to see Capcom didn't give up on Hiryu altogether.


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