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Summer Skirmish series week two in Europe won by Kamo

The Team Prismatic player narrowly edged the win.

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While there was some controversy on the second week of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish series, with winner Idropz_Bodies being accused of cheating, over in Europe it was Kamo of Team Prismatic who lifted the trophy with 174 points, earning $60,000 USD in the process.

Points were earned with a combination of kills and finishing spots, and it was a close affair, as another player Vato got 172 points to narrowly miss out on the coveted first-place spot.

Kamo wrote on Twitter: "Just woke up and still can't believe it. Thanks for the insane support yesterday. Thanks to everyone who believed in me and was rooting for me!"

Are you enjoying the Summer Skirmish series so far?


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