Among Us

SuperData: Among Us "is now by far the most popular game ever"

The game clocked in roughly half a billion active users in November.

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Few of you will be surprised when we report that Among Us is popular. It is about as shocking as people getting wet in the shower. But, perhaps you'll be a little bit more surprised when we tell you that is it now the most popular game ever (monthly players) - and by quite some margin at that.

This was revealed in a new SuperData report (a Nielsen research company) in which we can read:

"Among Us had roughly half a billion monthly active users in November. The title is now by far the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players."

SuperData notes that the game isn't very monetised so InnerSloth isn't making any ridiculous amounts of money on it. It's also worth mentioning that Among Us was fairly unknown for two years, as it was released back in 2018. But during this summer, it was discovered by many big name streamers and got enormously popular.

Did you expect Among Us to become the most popular game of all time?

Among Us

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