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The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

Supermassive gives a deeper look at the story of The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

And has revealed the various editions of the game.

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While we are still in the middle of summer, with the spooky season up and coming, Supermassive Games has started revealing further information about its next horror title: The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me. Set to launch this autumn (most likely in October, as have other The Dark Pictures games), the latest trailer gives us a glimpse at the story of the game.


But, that's not all that was revealed as Supermassive has also shared a look at the various game editions that will be available to purchase. There will of course be the standard edition, which if you pre-order will give you access to the Curator's Cut of content that adds different playable characters, new choices, and new outcomes. But, there will of course be some more expensive options as well.

The Animatronic Collector's Edition will include a collector's box, the full game, an exclusive postcard and envelope, a business card, and a hotel map, as well as the Curator's Cut of content, and a creepy Animatronic bust that stands 11cm tall.

Otherwise, there will be the Volume 2 bundle, which includes both the full games of The Devil in Me and House of Ashes, as well as a batch of exclusive playing cards, hotel map, collectible pins, and of course the Curator's Cut. This edition will be exclusive to fans in Europe.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me
The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

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