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Surtr comes to the Battleground of the Gods later this month

And the plans for the rest of the year have been teased.

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The Smite World Championship has now concluded and over this past massive weekend for the game, developer Titan Forge Games announced a whole slew of content for the third-person MOBA.

All kicking off when Year 10 starts later this month, the game will be getting a new Conquest Mode map that combines features and areas from former Conquest maps, and then to add to this, the next playable God has been revealed.


This will be Surtr, the Fire Giant. Long-time players will know of this character as one of the Conquest map bosses, but now the mythological being will be leaving his NPC duties behind in favour of becoming a playable figure.


As for which Gods will come after Surtr in Year 10, a teaser trailer has been released that alludes to this, although you will need to have a decent understanding of myth and legend to guess who is on their way.


Otherwise, Year 10 of Smite is said to be adding a few new features including Ranked Crossplay and multi-queue to search for multiple Ranked modes at once in the aim of lowering queue times. There will also be changes to Shards in the earliest stages of the game, giving players further options here, and as usual, a whole batch of gameplay and balance changes to boot.

Year 10 of Smite kicks off with Patch 10.1 later this month.


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