Final Fantasy XV

Tabata's departure was a matter of motivation

The Japanese creator outlines how a new team started working at his new company, JP Games, and laments at the cancelled FFXV DLCs.

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According to what we already knew, Hajime Tabata's recent departure from Square Enix had nothing to do with either Final Fantasy XV nor with the consequently canceled DLC drops for the game. There was some discussion on who would take over the projects at the company, but Tabata claims it was all a matter of motivation and not wanting to cause trouble or delay for the teams.

All this has now surfaced during a video over at Japanese channel Nico, which has been translated and summarised by GearNuke.

The Japanese creator apologised to fans, since he's not going to complete development of the DLCs, which meant personal disappointment. As it turned out, nobody will finish three of the planned packs, while the only surviving DLC got a new teaser just today.

Hajime Tabata is now president of JP Games, a new indie studio looking at network development to remain small but scalable, as they want to produce triple-A, multiplatform games without being tied to a big traditional publisher.

What do you think of the reasons behind Tabata's departure? What could he do next?

Final Fantasy XV

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