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      Evil West

      Take a look at Evil West's cooperative action

      The latest trailer delves into what the multiplayer offers.

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      It's the year of the Wild West. 2022 has offered up so many wonderful games based in the old American setting, including the likes of Weird West and then Hard West 2, but that effort will continue this November when Evil West also arrives.

      And with that game from Flying Wild Hog set to debut on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on November 22, the developer has now shared a look at some of the cooperative gameplay that will be on offer, which is all the more interesting to see in action especially since Evil West is a single player game first and foremost.

      We're told that the co-op will work by seeing the host individual playing the main character, whereas the second player will help out as a similar hunter. From here, a pair of players will be able to follow and experience the full story and complete it as it is, albeit with some more difficult encounters and enemy numbers to offset the extra set of guns that will be firing lead down range.

      Check out the co-op in action below.

      Evil West

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