Tales of Hearts R

Tales of Hearts R gets a release date

PS Vita version coming earlier than first thought.

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Tales of Hearts R is the PS Vita remake of the Nintendo DS title, Tales of Hearts, which was originally released back in 2008.

A Vita version (with English language) was previously said to be getting a release during the first quarter of 2015. The wait will, however, not be that long, as Bandai Namco told us today that the game will be available in Europe on November 14. Here's what Hideo Baba had to say:

"I am very happy to announce Tales of Hearts R's release date at the biggest Japanese culture event in the West! It is very fitting to do so, as it contains the original Japanese voice overs! I have enjoyed a lot traveling around Europe to promote the Tales of Series in many countries, and it is my pleasure to come back to Japan Expo and celebrate Tales of with the fans. I hope the fans keep enjoying our efforts to constantly translate the game in many languages, and have fun discovering the journey of Kor Meteor, Kohaku Hearts, and all of their friends in Tales of Hearts R. Let's get excited for the future of Tales of together!"

Tales of Hearts RTales of Hearts R
Tales of Hearts RTales of Hearts RTales of Hearts R

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