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Tape to Tape

Tape to Tape now has a multiplayer demo available on Steam

Enjoy the wonderful world of ice-hockey as you've never seen it before.

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While EA pretty much has a monopoly on AAA hockey games these days, there are still indie alternatives. One of them is the Kickstarter success Tape to Tape, which is a roguelite hockey game, in which you are tasked with building a great team and preferably also play awesome hockey. And no bets are off the table, not even bribing the referee...

Valve has now kicked off the Steam Next Fest, which includes plenty of demos, and as you might have guessed based on the headline, Tape to Tape is one of them. Check out the quite unique hockey action it has to offer in the trailer below.

Tape to Tape
Tape to TapeTape to Tape
Tape to TapeTape to Tape
Tape to TapeTape to Tape

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