Tchia comes to Switch in June

Awaceb's sandbox adventure released last year on PC and PS4/5.

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New Caledonia might not be a place you've heard of before, but it is an island incredibly rich in culture, and is also the home to the developers at Awaceb, who decided to pay tribute to the country with Tchia.

The open-world sandbox game is similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where you're pretty free to explore as soon as you're past the opening, and the world is full of places to visit, people to meet, and more.

You take charge of Tchia, a young girl who has the power to possess animals and objects. After her father is kidnapped by the servants of an evil, baby-eating creature, it's up to you to bring them down and bring peace to the island. The game has already been available for over a year on PC and PlayStation, but is now making its way to Switch. Nintendo users can get their hands on this adventure on the 27th of June.


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