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Team Dignitas signs its own Rocket League team

Featuring Chicago, zol, and Turtle.

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Esports organisation Team Dignitas has announced that it has signed a team for Psyonix's Rocket League, comprising of Reed 'Chicago' Wilen; Zoli 'zol' Digness; and Isaac 'Turtle' App, which makes it the youngest squad in Dignitas' history, at 16, 20, and 17 years of age respectively.

Chicago and zol have played together since 2017 in the Rocket League Championship Series, and Turtle also has RLCS experience, playing for teams Atelier and Rogue in the past. What's more is that Turtle also has a very active YouTube following, with over 57,000 subscribers to his name.

Middleman/scorer Chicago and back/midfield playmaker zol have played together since 2017 both going 7-0 in Season 1 of RLRS. Turtle joins the team after playing three seasons in the Rocket League Champions Series, where he played for Atelier during RLCS Season 3 and later for Rogue at DreamHack Summer 2017. With 57,000-plus subscribers, Turtle is one of Rocket League's most popular professional YouTube users.

"As a young player, you grow up hearing about the powerhouse Team Dignitas, and to now play for them is an exceptional opportunity," Chicago said. "The support and family atmosphere of Team Dignitas is going to take the Rocket League Team to the next level. The bar is raised and the possibilities are endless when you join this iconic team that has the backing of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment."

The team will be in action at DreamHack Leipzig from January 26 to 28, and marks yet another expansion for Dignitas after signing a Super Smash Bros. Melee duo not too long ago. How well can this new team do together?

Rocket League
Photo: Team Dignitas

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