Team Gullit has teamed up with HP OMEN

The partnership sees OMEN named as the FIFA academy's official hardware partner.

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Team Gullit, known for its FIFA academy, has announced that it has signed a partnership deal with HP OMEN to see the hardware manufacturer named as the esports organisation's official and exclusive hardware partner.

As noted in a press release, we're told that this deal will also see Team Gullit and OMEN collaborating on a range of content, which will be produced at the Gullit HQ when it opens soon.

"For us, the timing of the collaboration is ideal. We will be officially opening our new Team Gullit HQ soon; a unique place that meets all needs of the players and us,'' says Corné Dubelaar, founder of Team Gullit. "OMEN desktops not only make the room look incredible, they also provide us with the power we need to take our content game to the next level from the launch of FIFA 23.''

There is no mention of the length or any financials relating to the partnership deal.


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