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Team Liquid is leaving competitive Rocket League

For the foreseeable future.

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Team Liquid has announced that it will be exiting the competitive Rocket League space and the Rocket League Championship Series. Despite having a recent and capable team, the esports organisation has come to the conclusion that the esport is simply not financially viable for it to remain, with Team Liquid stating, "we feel the current RLCS is an esport where a team needs to win in order to survive."

Team Liquid goes on further to add that if it could have retained its previous roster or signed a better one it would have looked to stay in the RLCS, but due to the current "win or bust" model, and the lack of sponsorship and digital item revenue in the scene, Rocket League simply doesn't generate the team as much revenue as esports that are smaller in size.

The catch is that Team Liquid doesn't rule out a return to the RLCS in the future, and has gone as far as to say that: "Rocket League is a beautiful, skill-expressive game full of deeply invested players and fans. Within the community, the audience, and the game itself, we still see potential. And we hope we can return one day, once it starts getting realized."

This ultimately means that after nine seasons of RLCS action, Team Liquid is departing the scene, for the foreseeable future.

Rocket League

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