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Team Spirit take home the grand prize at the Dota 2 Riyadh Masters

They defeated Team Liquid to gain the $5 million USD prize.

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The 2023 Riyadh Masters has drawn to a close, and while there were plenty of ups and downs at the Saudi Arabia event, Team Spirit have walked out with the grand prize, taking home $5 million USD and defeating Team Liquid in the process.

This marks Team Liquid's fourth straight loss in grand finals, but it is Team Spirit's first big event win since last year's PGL Arlington Major. While each part of Team Spirit helped to bring the squad to the top of the podium, Yatoro is a clear stand-out.

He played a wide array of heroes, placing among the top 5 for versatility with 13 different characters played, and consistently placed top in farming efficiency and last hits, meaning he could put the games on his back.

At the Riyadh Masters, we saw some big changes in the pro meta, as it seemed heroes with big teamfight spells were making a comeback, and that Rubick was the most popular hero of all, even if his winrate wasn't exactly stellar.

Dota 2

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