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Team Vitality has extended its partnership with JBL

The partnership has been elevated following the previous agreement.

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The French esports organisation Team Vitality has announced that it has extended its partnership with the technology brand JBL. The deal will expand what was already put into place and will now see JBl regarded as Vitality's official partner instead of simply being an official supplier.

To add to this, JBL's logo will be placed in a more visible spot on Vitality's jersey, on the left sleeve to be exact, and all of Vitality's locations and players will now be equipped with JBL Quantum headsets.

Finally, the deal will see JBL and Vitality working on an array of initiatives and marketing efforts, including activations at major tournaments and to celebrate Vitality's 10th anniversary.

"We are very happy that JBL Quantum will continue the Team Vitality adventure as the Official Audio Partner for the next year," said Nicolas Maurer, CEO and co-founder of Team Vitality. "This proves that we have been able to co-construct a coherent partnership, with tailor-made activations for our players and our fan community. We will do our best to make this partnership shine during next year's international sports competitions."

Team Vitality has extended its partnership with JBL

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