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Team17 prepares for the announcement of Absolutely Games' first title

All signs point to a World War II stealth game.

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Sony's presentation on Wednesday officially kicks off the video game industry's summer event season, a time when we'll see dozens of new titles of varying degrees of relevance at various conferences from console manufacturers and publishers big and small. And to kick things off, Team17 has stepped forward and volunteered for a fully classified behind enemy lines mission.

That's right, we have no name, no date, not even a genre to assign this game, which will be the first work of Absolutely Games studio, but we do understand that it will have something to do with World War II and that stealth will be an important part of the core gameplay, thanks to a small teaser they released a few minutes ago.

Strike when they least expect. Be an army of shadows.


At the moment we don't know the release window or platforms for this game, but a message in morse code on the studio's website urges us to keep an eye on the date of May 31, 2023. That's when we'll see what the mission of this title is.

Team17 prepares for the announcement of Absolutely Games' first title

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