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Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Techland is "really proud" of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and is still working on fixes despite exhausting launch

Dawide Lubryka: "We have extensive knowledge of what should be next, and we are working on it."

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After a lengthy development process, Techland officially launched Dying Light 2 Stay Human on February 4, giving fans of the original a sequel to explore and conquer. While the game has launched to a varied response from critics, the game has seen a massive amount of players jumping in as of late.

To mark the launch of the game, we recently caught up with Techland's animation director, Dawide Lubryka, who told us about how "proud" the studio was with the title, and what the process of tackling bugs is like at the developer as of now.

"It feels great to finally release the game. Every one of us was waiting for this moment," said Lubryka. "We wanted the public, the audience, to play the game, to experience it, that's one thing. The other thing is we are really eager to have the wider audience's opinion and to know what we can still work on because that's the promise we're giving as Techland, that we give five years support for the game, at least five years, maybe longer, and the same happened with the first edition."

"We know that what we released we are really proud of, but we know that we will keep working on it and that's how it actually is at Techland now. We're not really at rest yet even though we are extremely tired, but we want to fix everything that we can. We're getting some really nice feedback from people, what people like, what people dislike, and as we speak, the team is working on the improvements and the fixing."

Talking about what the team's process on tackling bugs is, Lubryka told us, "We have some shreds of data, we have some ideas of what we want to improve first, but it's really fresh. It's been just the weekend, so we first need to improve the things we knew even before the launch we wanted to fix. Now that we have started gathering feedback, we have extensive knowledge of what should be next, and we are working on it."

With that in mind, we asked about the previously announced future roadmap and what DLCs and new content we can look forward to, with Lubryka briefly telling us, "For sure there will be two DLCs that will add some stories, that will add some additions to combat and gameplay."

You can catch our full interview with Lubryka below, where we also chat about the Nintendo Switch release and the game's movement system.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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