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Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso's third and final season arrives next month

Announced via Apple TV's Twitter account, as well as by AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso himself.

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Apple has slapped a date on when football's hottest and most humble manager will be returning to TV screens. The announcement confirms that season three of Ted Lasso, reportedly its final instalment, will premiere on March 15.

This season will look into how AFC Richmond fares in the Premier League, where it is often ridiculed for being the worst team in the league. Needless to say, Ted and his team will have their work cut out for them if they intend to stay in the UK's top football division.

Even the Dictionary is excited. Merriam-Webster's official Twitter account chimed in with a link to their official definition of 'believe.'

While we are waiting for a full trailer to arrive, Apple TV has released a teaser trailer, which gives us a quick glimpse of the humour and the challenges that Ted, AFC Richmond, and the rest of the gang will have to overcome, now that Nate has 'gone to the Dark Side'.

Ted Lasso

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