Tekken 8

Tekken 8 rebalanced with new update

It fixes bugs, and buffs and debuffs certain characters.

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We can't say we're really surprised to see Tekken 8 become a huge hit for Bandai Namco, considering how good it is. But as millions of players are beating each other up, they have discovered things that need fine-tuning to improve the balance of the game - and that is exactly what has now been delivered.

A new update has been released, numbered 1.01.04, which both buffs and debuffs characters as well as adding undisclosed "game-related bug fixes". This includes making Devil Jin and Reina less dangerous, while Raven and Steve have been somewhat enhanced. You can check out the patch list over here. Oh, and beware, all your replays will be deleted after this update (and Ghosts will start using these changes).

Tekken 8

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