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      Tekken 8

      Tekken dad Harada responds to fans' threats: 'Stop being ridiculous'

      By going after the creators of your favourite games, you're only hurting the FGC at large.

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      Tekken is big. Old. Popular and that means there are plenty of rabid fanboys who see Tekken and the upcoming Tekken 8 as the single most important thing on this planet, and react to news about their favourite game series accordingly. Recently, a few insider Tekken fanboys have threatened producer Katsuhiro Harada with a beating, which he calls "nonsense" in a recent tweet before detailing how this ridiculous behaviour hurts the fighting game world at large.

      "When people make these silly threats, I and everyone at FGC suffer the following losses (See attached image).
      (1) The event operator overreacts and increases security, which increases operating costs and increases the burden on the players attending the event. In the worst case, the event management will request me to cancel my attendance at the event.

      (2) Company founders, board members, and lawyers "Don't like to be intimidated," so they ask me to Cancel inclusion in the game, even though, for example, the specification or character under threat "Should have been included in the game in the first place".

      (3) If the person making these threats uses the word "We" instead of "I" to represent the fans, the probability of the two aforementioned disadvantages occurring is increased (Many of them don't understand this. I do not adopt the views of those who use "We" when expressing their opinions. It is up to Development Team to decide whether the opinion is majority or minority, and the person expressing the opinion says, "Everyone around me says so! (at most 5-6 people around me)" is irrelevant)."

      Do you think Harada-san is right about this?


      Tekken 8

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