Tera goes free-to-play

Drops subscriptions in February.

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Gameforge, the European publisher of Tera, follows suit and makes fantasy MMORPG Tera free-to-play in February following a Korean move to free-to-play by developers Bluehole Studios this December.


As is the case with most free-to-play transitions Tera will feature to base models:

"The free user will be able to charge into adventure for free and will receive complete access to the entirety of TERA's game content. This includes the races, classes, instances, equipment items and player versus player content for example, but also unique features such as the political system. Limitations exist for free users merely in the form of functional option restrictions, such as the number of character slots or the number of safe deposits available.

Players that acquired TERA by purchase will be ranked as veterans and will enjoy free and complete access to all game functions - no matter whether they have a subscription at the time of the switch or not. This will mean more comfort over the free users, for example, with 8 character slots, the complete amount of safe deposits or even a special in-game title, that will help them to stand out as a veteran in the world of Arborea."

So if you paid for the game, at least you're getting some extra comforts. Remains to be seen if the switch translates into a healthier player base for the struggling MMORPG.


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