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Psychonauts 2Score

Psychonauts 2

Linux / Mac / PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Tim Schafer and co have done the impossible and have delivered a superior follow-up.

Text: Kieran Harris
12 MinutesScore

12 Minutes

PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Such little time, so many possibilities.

Text: Kieran Harris
Monster Hunter: Legends of the GuildScore

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild


The Netflix adaptation of Capcom's iconic series serves up a more faithful adaptation than W.S. Anderson's feature film, but still struggles to impress.

Text: Kieran Harris
Boomerang XScore

Boomerang X

Nintendo Switch / PC

It captures the brisk pace and intensity of the Doom series, but there's no heavy metal soundtrack to be seen (or heard).

Text: Kieran Harris

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