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Tfue and Mitr0 impress in Fortnite Fall Skirmish Week 2

FaZe Clan get some good news in the competition.

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Last week we saw FaZe Clan duo Nate Hill and FunkBomb get punished in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish's first week for an accidental callout from the latter, but now they've got some good news, as their other player Tfue has won the North American Royale Flush competition in this second week, as well as the $37,500 USD prize money.

Over in Europe Mitr0 was the winner of the event, and if you need reminding, Royale Flush rewards not only victories (three points) but also kills, as getting seven kills in a match gives the same number of points as a win.

As it stands Bush Bandits is the club with the most points overall, but with Mitr0 and Tfue both being a part of Rift Raiders, this puts them in a good place heading into the third week. What club do you stand behind?


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