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That '90s Show shown in first teaser trailer

Eric and Donna's daughter is now all grown up and ready for her own show.

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That '70s Show premiered in 1998 and told us about the life in the 70's in a fun way, and is now about to get a follow up called That '90s Show. This also means the show launched 19 years after this decade had ended. Today, the 90's are actually 23 years away and for today's youngsters, it's actually more distant than the 70's was when the original show premiered. Makes you feel old, doesn't it?

Well, now we've got the first sneak peak of That '90s Show, which welcomes us back to our favourite basement and introduces Leia Forman, who is the daughter of Eric and Donna (main characters of the original show). We're also told pretty much all from the main original cast will be in the show as guests.

Check it our below and tell us what you think. That '90s Show starts streaming on Netflix on January 19.

That '90s Show shown in first teaser trailer

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