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      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      After naming the most overrated TV series of the last 25 years, we've set our sights on the most underrated TV series.

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      Following on from sharing our list of the most overrated TV shows of all-time, we're changing gear and instead looking at the most underrated ones this time. Here's our top ten picks.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      10. The Americans

      The TV drama about the Russian spies Elizabeth and Philips Jennings, who with their family live in the middle of the USA, but report to Moscow and kill high-ranking officials and pawns in the game that was the Cold War, should reasonably be mentioned in the same breath as The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood and Breaking Bad, but has instead more or less faded away. I consider this to be completely wrong as this, in its majestic entirety, is a super skilfully composed TV masterpiece.

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      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      9. The Leftovers

      Despite a meagre start and too many little "mini mysteries" without motive or meaning, Lost's Damon Lindelof managed to turn his own streak around and conclude the third and final season of The Leftovers on top. And what a peak it was. Unexpected, dramatic, incomprehensible, mysterious and gripping are the words I would use to describe this series that remains one of the most underrated.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time
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      8. Oz

      HBO's filthy raw, violent, dark prison drama from the late 90s has certainly been rewritten a lot over the years for its brilliant script and superb acting, but it's relative to how good it still is - truly underrated.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      7. Halt and Catch Fire

      The AMC series about the technological revolution of the 80s is perhaps the TV show I'm most ashamed of abandoning after finishing the pilot episode. Because it started well, but I felt no real desire to continue watching, which is probably how many people felt when the series at its peak drew 330,000 viewers, which is just over 8% of those who turned on the TV every week to follow the gang in The Walking Dead. But I pulled myself together and started Halt and Catch Fire again a couple of months ago and the shame is now greater than ever, because this is great.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      6. Bored to Death

      HBO's noir comedy about clueless private investigator Jonathan Ames and his friends George & Ray stands out as one of the most subtly funny and unique things the comedy genre has ever been enriched with and I often mourn its unfortunate cancellation while straightforward, lazy, pure rubbish (like Ted Lasso, for example) not only continues to exist but wins gold statuettes and is praised far and wide.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      5. Black Summer

      While AMC's The Walking Dead grew exponentially in a short period of time, despite pale production quality, a pointless premise and mostly lousy acting - Netflix's challenger written by Karl Schaefer and produced by the people behind Sharknado flopped. Which suggests unreasonable injustice as Black Summer is several, several times better.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      4. Taboo

      It appeared like a bolt from the blue and sadly disappeared just as quickly. No awards, no accolades, no second (or third, for that matter) season. Tom Hardy's "passion project" about smuggler James Keziah Delaney was worth far more love than it received and stands as very underrated.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      3. Utopia

      Nobody I ever talk to about TV shows has seen Utopia, which is downright criminally depressing - because this British thriller is one of the most compelling things I've seen in the last 15 years and deserved a much better fate. The Utopia Experimentsis a mythical comic book that predicts the future, and this show is about the comic book nerds who stumble upon its power and the government organisation that intends to quietly murder them all. These are the building blocks that make this show what it is - fantastic.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time

      2. Mad Men

      "What does it take to change the essence of a man?" Wise, classic words muttered by a limboing Steven Seagal in the extraordinarily bad action flick The Patriot that should be used to best describe Mad Men and the decay we are invited into as The Sopranos director Matthew Weiner tells the story of Don Draper. As in the case of The Sopranos, Mad Men is about the inadequacy of a lonely man, and the way Draper's brilliance is diluted by booze and his slavish addiction makes for one of the most fascinating character studies in TV history by far. Mad Men is very rarely talked about today, I feel, and that's mostly just tragic.

      The 10 most underrated TV series of all-time


      1. Boardwalk Empire

      Sure, it's not like many people are calling The Sopranos creator Terence Winter's expensive gangster drama "bad", at least not that I've heard. But far too many people I've talked to over the years have skipped it or, perhaps more importantly, never heard of Boardwalk Empire and Nucky Thompson, which is downright criminally sad. Because this is perhaps the best thing ever made in terms of TV drama, ever. It's not stodgy or one-sided as it's sometimes described as, quite the opposite. It's mercurial, grand, small-scale, snappy storytelling with brilliant acting and razor-sharp direction, not to mention perhaps the most beautiful set design in television.

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