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The Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 Split 2 starts this week

The schedule for the tournament has been laid out, as has prizing and attending teams.

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The second split of the fourth year of the Apex Legends Global Series is almost here. The tournament will kick off this week with the first of several days of competition that run all the way until a finals is hosted in mid-July.

With this all coming up, Respawn has now revealed the full broadcast schedule for the tournament as well as which teams are in attendance and likewise how the prize pool will be distributed.

You can see the broadcast schedule and the teams for the EMEA region below, and can head over here to find the same information for the North American, APAC North, and APAC South divisions too.

As per prize distribution, the total prize pool will be $500,000, but it will be evenly distributed between the four regions, meaning $125,000 will be on the table for each region. This $125,000 will then be split between the top 30 teams at the end of the season, with the victor getting $20,000, and the rest of the earning positions getting progressively less of a cash prize.

Will you be watching the ALGS Year 4 Split 2?

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