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The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga board game heading to Kickstarter

Warbands is after money from the crowd.

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There are already some games that have their own board game adaptations. The Witcher Adventure Game is a good example. The Banner Saga also wants its own tabletop game. It's called The Banner Saga: Warbands and the Kickstarter is set to go live next week on November 12.

MegaCon Games has been designing Warbands for almost a year now. The company was working closely with developers Stoic to create miniatures that capture the spirit of the original video game. They've produced prototypes for the whole game and now they need funds from the crowd in order to manufacture the game.

We can expect "a high quality, beautifully crafted diceless board game experience with tactical skirmish combat," and it will be a game "where hard choices have serious consequences". Here we have some pictures of the prototype.

The Banner Saga
The Banner Saga
The Banner Saga

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