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Dota 2

The Battle Pass for Dota 2's The International has landed

The prize pool is already hovering around the $5 million USD mark, with plenty of in-game incentives included in the Battle Pass.

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Every year Valve releases a Battle Pass for Dota 2 to help raise funds for the top competition of The International, and now the company has revealed that this year's edition has arrived, bringing a new game mode, consumables, a Coach's challenge, exclusive rewards, and more.

25% of the proceeds go into the prize pool, and the Jungle Expedition is coming as a part of this, along with the Wrath of the Mo'rokai custom game. Wagering Tickets can be used to get extra Battle Points from weekly games too, and with reward line items like the Majesty of the Colossus Tiny Prestige item and Planetfall Earthshaker Arcana, there's a lot that's worth fighting for.

For more on the Battle Pass head on over to the official site, where we find out that the prize pool is sitting at just under $5 million USD already at the time of writing. With The International breaking records with its final prize pool each year, will we also see a record broken this year?

Dota 2
Photo: Valve

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