Total War: Warhammer

The Bretonnia are coming to Total War: Warhammer

There's a shiny new trailer for the occasion.

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The Bretonnia are coming to Total War: Warhammer next week, or more precisely February 28, and to celebrate the occasion and tease fans as to what they can expect, a new trailer has been released showcasing the new race.

Included in this free update is, as you'd expect, a new race for the Grand Campaign, also increasing the roster for multiplayer battles, as well as three new Legendary Lords (Louen Leoncoeur of Bretonnia; Alberic of Bordeleaux; and The Fay Enchantress of Carcassonne), a new Bretonnian army roster, an Errantry Wars endgame objective, and the ability to summon the Green Knight to assist you.

Also included are Chivalry, Peasant Economy, and Knightly Vows, which "impart the flavour of the Bretonnian race through meaningful new gameplay mechanics," according to the Steam page.

You can watch the grand in-game cinematic trailer down below, which shows off many epic scenes, including the aforementioned Green Knight. Which of these new features is going to be a highlight do you think?

Total War: Warhammer

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