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Elex 2

The combat of Elex 2 introduced in new trailer

It will launch this March.

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Despite getting fairly mixed reviews when it was launched back in 2017, Piranha Bytes' Elex still managed to get fans thanks to the spectacular post-apocalyptic universe in which a comet ruins the world and forces factions to fight over the scarce resources - while also getting as much of the strange material known as Elex as possible as it gives the user powers.

Perhaps not the most fresh angle of all time, but the very dark and gritty gameplay in a world that mixes medieval and futuristic technology, deserved a second chance. And this it will get when Elex 2 launches on March 1 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

One of the things that has been improved this time, is the battle system, and in a brand new trailer, we now get to know more about it. Check it out.

Elex 2Elex 2
Elex 2Elex 2
Elex 2Elex 2

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