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Overwatch 2

The entire Dallas Fuel roster will be allowed to explore free agency

The 2022 Overwatch League champions may not be with the Fuel in 2023.

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Despite the fact that the team came together during their time at the Dallas Fuel, and even rose all the way to the top this year, to become the 2022 Overwatch League champions, there's a very real chance that this elite roster isn't back with the Fuel next year.

And this comes as part of a statement from Dallas Fuel co-owner Mike "Hastr0" Rufail, who stated on Twitter that the team will be able to fully explore free agency for 2023.

"Regarding our @DallasFuel roster in 2023:"

"There are quite a few Fuel players who became unrestricted free agents after winning the 2022 @overwatchleague season. We understand this team is a unit and have decided to let the entire team explore their options for 2023.

"I hope to give you more updates as we begin to solidify our 2023 plans. It has been a dream working with this team. We achieved our goal of bringing the title and trophy to Dallas. Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way. More coming soon regarding the Fuel."

Granted, this does leave the door open for the entire roster to re-sign with the Fuel for 2023 and perhaps onwards, but likewise it does mean that this elite, championship-winning team could be wholly acquired by another franchise as well.

Overwatch 2

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