Rock Band 4

The everlasting Rock Band 4 party is coming to an end

Harmonix has announced that the final DLC for the game will debut next week.

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There are very few games that can ever boast to have support close to what Harmonix has given Rock Band 4. Since its debut in late 2015, the title has had over eight years of constant new DLC content, culminating in almost 3,000 playable songs, and more than that if you include playable game soundtracks. Needless to say, while much of this content is paid, premium content, Rock Band 4 players have not been starved of new ways to enjoy the title.

But that is coming to an end. In a new blog post, Harmonix has confirmed that the final Rock Band 4 DLC will be making its arrival next week, on January 25, 2024. It's noted that live service elements for the game will remain in operation, including Rivals seasons and online play, but that there won't be anymore new DLC coming to the game.

"After over 8 years of weekly Rock Band 4 DLC releases, we're here to let you know that January 25 will be the last DLC release of the RB4 era. All other live services will continue as normal, including Rivals seasons, online play, and everything else."

As for what Harmonix will be using its resources on going forward, the developer notes that it is still committed to growing Fornite Festival, and that it intends to bring Rock Band 4 instrument support to that game in the future. As per the last batch of DLC, this is said to "feature some tear jerkers that sum up our feelings about this moment."

Rock Band 4

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