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The Falconeer

The Falconeer set to fly onto PC in 2020

There's nothing hawk-ward about this egg-citing title that'll leave you with no egrets.

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The Falconeer, a brand-new ocean-world fantasy aerial combat RPG has been announced being developed by Tomas Sala and published by Wired Productions. The title, which features a combination of stunning open worlds and classic dog fighting mechanics shown in the trailer, is set to take off next year on PC.


Set above the vast and daunting Great Ursee, players will take their flying mounts, armed with powerful ranged weaponry on a journey to explore a bleak yet beautiful world. Filled with countless secrets and terrifying rival factions searching for these mysteries, players will travel to astounding locations and unfathomable depths.

"Building worlds is my passion" said Tomas Sala, developer of The Falconeer. "Creating epic landscapes and the hidden stories within... just waiting to be found. I want future Falconeers to fight for the Ursee world I'm creating, to risk everything in breath-taking battles to understand its secrets."

"The moment we saw The Falconeer, Tomas' passion and dedication stood out and we knew we wanted to bring it to the Wired family" said Leo Zullo, managing director at Wired Productions. "The Falconeer's stunning art style and ambitious design speak volumes about his individual talent as a developer and we're delighted to be supporting The Falconeer to market."

The Falconeer is set to release sometime next year on PC.

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The FalconeerThe Falconeer

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