The Finals

The Finals open beta is more popular than expected

After just a day of being online Embark Studios had to add a queue to the open beta.

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The other day Embark Studios opened the doors to their beta version of the action game The Finals, and already after 24 hours the developers had to add a queuing system to avoid overloading their servers. In other words, the popularity of the beta is no exaggeration, and even though it is not possible to see how many people have the game on a console (Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S), Steam's player statistics show that at most just over 140,000 people have tried to play at the same time.

This is what Embark itself said about the success on X:
"With so many of you logging in to the game, we've started to hit the limits of our capacity. In order to safeguard the experience for those that are playing--and as we work to expand our capacity--we will be introducing a temporary login queue."

The beta will remain open until 5 November, so if you're keen to try this frenetic action game, we suggest you do so before then. Just be prepared to sit in the queue for a while and wait.

The Finals

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