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Street Fighter V

The first Evo Japan fighting game event has concluded

We have all the winners confirmed.

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Evo, a series of fighting game events that has been around for years, just had its debut year in Japan (a tournament that surpassed 5,000 registered fighters earlier this month), and now the tournament is over we know all of the champions in each of the big games on offer, including of course Street Fighter V.

The grand finals for SFV saw Infiltration face John Takeuchi, two top fighters in the field, but it was the experienced Infiltration who sealed the win for himself, beating Takeuchi in front of his home crowd, redeeming an earlier loss he received at Takeuchi's hand in the winner's final.

Elsewhere in Tekken 7, Knee claimed the win here over tough competition like Saint, qudans, and JDCR, and in fact it was ROX_Chanel who he took down in the final to lift the trophy. Nintendo's Arms was also at the event, another big step for Nintendo in the esports space, and it was fighter Pega who won the grand prize here.

Was Evo Japan a success in your eyes?

Street Fighter V

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