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The first Nioh 2 DLC pack lands in July

Team Ninja's Nioh sequel is getting its first DLC pack 'The Tengu's Disciple' in July of this year.

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Are you a fan of Team Ninja's action game Nioh 2? Then you were most likely delighted to learn about today's update that brought new missions and a photo mode to the game. Apart from this announcement having been made, however, Nioh 2's first DLC pack has been detailed via the official PlayStation blog. The first part in the three-piece expansion set is titled 'The Tengu's Disciple' and it goes live on July 30. In it, you, as a visitor in Yashima, come across a mysterious shrine only to find the mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru. The whistle is said to be held by those who battle to restore peace back to the land whenever there's a war taking place.

The three DLC additions will be released over the next "several months" and will bring new storylines, new yokai, ferocious new bosses, Guardian Spirits, new skills, fresh armour and a new weapon that alters the performance of skills outside of set stances".

If this excites you and you don't want to wait to receive something new, Team Ninja has prepared some neat wallpapers that you can grab via this link. More information on The Tengu's Disciple will be shared in the coming months and, as always, we'll keep you updated.

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