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The Game Awards erases sabouteur from image

Sloppy photoshop erases guy interrupting the show.

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The Game Awards 2022 was another great event for the creator, producer and host Geoff Keighley, with only one (or maybe two if you count the overly long speach from Christopher Judge) real mistake. But that was a big one, as a saboteur took the stage to spew and anti-semitic slur involving Bill Clinton.

Luckily, the guy was caught and media didn't seem to give him the attention he probably had hoped for, and in the end, no one got hurt. It is however likely that this will lead to The Game Awards getting better sequrity when it returns next year.

The Game Awards themselves has made it very clear that they won't give the guy any attention, and when they shared an image from the FromSoftware speach for Game of the Year (which was the one interrupted), the guy running in on stage was photoshopped out. You can check out the result below - and don't miss out on the comments. There are several funny ones.

The Game Awards erases sabouteur from image

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