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The Great War: Western Front

The Great War: Western Front gets a new campaign deep dive video

Relive or redefine history in this new strategy title.

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The upcoming real-time strategy game The Great War: Western Front has just shown off a developer deep-dive video, taking us into the immersive and authentic historical campaign.

Either on the field of battle or as a Theatre Commander, you can control history as you can take charge either when battle lines are already drawn in 1916, or as the sparks of war are just beginning in 1914.

Each decision you take in The Great War: Western Front will impact your war effort, from the resources you spend and the ground-breaking technologies you research. You'll need your best strategic skills to manage the toll of the war as even victories can come with a cost.

The Great War: Western Front launches on the 30th of March for PC and can be pre-ordered now on Epic Games or via the Steam Store.

Check out the developer deep-dive video here.

The Great War: Western Front

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