Final Fantasy XV

The last Final Fantasy XV DLC lands in March

Episode Ardyn has its release date and goes back in time with some very interesting details and screenshots.

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Square Enix caught many by surprise when they announced that they'd cancelled all but one of Final Fantasy XV's upcoming expansions back in November. Now we know just when we'll get the final bit of content and what it has in store for us.

Episode Ardyn will launch on March 26 and will let us play as Ardyn 35 years before the events of the main game. This means that we'll get to see a few younger versions of familiar characters and learn more about why he decided to infiltrate Insomnia and start his journey to become a bad guy in Final Fantasy XV. We won't spoil more of the story than that, but those of you looking to learn more can watch the promised 15 minutes short at the end of this article.

Gameplaywise, Ardyn's daemonic power allows him to transform enemies into daemons and render them powerless, use special attacks and move around very fast by using his teleport-like Shadow Move ability.

Does this seem like a worthy end to the story of Final Fantasy XV?

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XV

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