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The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The Last of Us: Here's When and Where to watch the show in the UK

HBO's take on Naughty Dog's acclaimed video game starts very soon.

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It's almost time for HBO's The Last of Us to start its run on TVs around the world. The acclaimed action-adventure video game is kicking off its live-action adaptation in just a few days, and with that being the case, we've pulled together a short few details that will help UK viewers catch the new series as it unfolds.

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

How to Watch The Last of Us

You will be able to watch The Last of Us on one of two platforms. Those who still have a TV box will be able to find it on Sky Atlantic and will even be able to watch it at the same time as the Americans.

If you would rather look to streaming services, Now TV will be the destination instead, with the show arriving here on Monday morning.

When to Watch The Last of Us

As we noted above, The Last of Us will be available on Sky Atlantic when it airs in the US, which for UK viewers will be the ungodly hour of 2:00 GMT on Monday, January 16.

The show will also be re-airing on Sky on Monday evening for the masses that won't have stayed up to such a late hour.

For Now TV, expect the series to become available on-demand when the daily content update happens at 8:00 GMT in the morning.

Who Plays Each Character in The Last of Us

If you're wondering who will be taking up the role of your favourite characters, the cast can be found below:

  • Joel Miller - Pedro Pascal

  • Ellie Williams - Bella Ramsey

  • Gabriel Luna - Tommy Miller

  • Marlene - Merle Dandrige

  • Perry - Jeffrey Pierce

  • Tess - Anna Torv

  • Frank - Murray Bartlett

  • Bill - Nick Offerman

  • Anna Williams - Ashley Johnson

  • James - Troy Baker

  • Sarah Miller - Nico Parker

  • Sam - Keivonn Woodard

  • Henry - Lamar Johnson

  • Riley Abel - Storm Reid

  • Kathleen - Melanie Lynskey

The Last of Us Episode Count and Release Schedule

The series will contain nine total episodes, and like other HBO productions, will arrive on a weekly basis, with the final episode arriving on March 12.

The Last of Us: Trailer and Review

If you haven't already been given a glimpse of what the series will be like, you can catch both the latest trailer for The Last of Us below, and also our own opinions of the series in our review.


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