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League of Legends

The LCK's First, Second, and Third Spring Split teams have been announced

T1 dominated the First Team selection.

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The League of Legends Championship Korea has wrapped up its Spring Split, and now that this has been completed, Riot Games has handed out awards commemorating the best players from the scene. To this end, we now know the First, Second, and Third Teams, as well as the Season MVP, and the Player of the Split.

As T1 were the team to beat, it's hardly a surprise that T1's roster makes up the majority of these award recipients, as T1 completely filled the First Team, and won Season MVP (with this going to Keria) and the Player of the Split (also going to Keria).

As for the Second and Third Teams, Gen.G Esports, KT Rolster, and Dplus players all made up these ranks, with Gen.G being the second most awarded squad of the split.

League of Legends

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