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League of Legends

The LEC's Winter All-Pro teams have been locked in

G2 Esports entire team made the cut.

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Riot Games has released the League of Legends EMEA Championship's Winter All-Pro teams. The teams have been selected based on credit and performance from the recently concluded Winter Split, and as G2 Esports were crowned the champions of that tournament, it should probably come as no surprise to hear that the entire team has made the cut here.

The full first team roster is as follows:

  • Top: VIT Photon

  • Jungle: MAD Elyoya

  • Mid: G2 Caps

  • ADC: G2 Hans Sama

  • Support: G2 Mikyx

The full second team roster is:

  • Top: G2 BrokenBlade

  • Jungle: G2 Yike

  • Mid: MAD Nisqy

  • ADC: SK Exakick

  • Support: MAD Hylissang

And the third team roster consists of:

  • Top: MAD Chasy

  • Jungle: SK Markoon

  • Mid: KOI Larssen

  • ADC: KOI Comp

  • Support: KOI Trymbi

In total, five of the ten LEC teams managed to get players in these rosters, but G2 Esports was the clear dominant factor, with all of its players in the first and second All-Pro teams.

League of Legends

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