The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Guide to the Great Fairies

What happened to the Muarenn, Satten, Laniah and Seddha (and their weird cousin Malanya) after the Catastrophe? Join us on the quest to find them on the new Zelda game for Nintendo Switch.

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It wouldn't be a great Zelda game without the Great Fairies, and even less so when we revisit the same land of Hyrule a few years later. In the magnificent Tears of the Kingdom The dear, large and lovable Great Fairies are back, but you won't find their Fairy Fountains where you used to visit them in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So where are they? Join us on the journey to discover them in the most musical quest of the game...

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide: All the Fountains of the Great Fairy and how to bring them out of their cocoons

The Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom are very easy to spot in the distance from the Hyrule Sky, especially if you launch yourself from the Sky Islands, because their cocoons emit a very characteristic colourful smoke. You will soon see that they have moved to new places and that, although they are still very capricious, this time they don't want your rupees, but they need to please their music-loving tastes instead.

The four main Great Fairies are hiding in their cocoons waiting to hear their favorite instrument played by members of the traveling troupe of musicians from The Troubadours, led by the maestro Batulio. The other Fairy, Malanya, goes her own way, but she takes on a special prominence this time. This is how you can complete this nice musical side mission:

1. Where is the Great Fairy Muarenn and how to get her out of her cocoon?

Muarenn's cocoon will probably be the first one you will encounter because the game "invites" you to start from the Orni Village, and therefore you will be passing between Tabanta and Hebra. Her cocoon is located north of the Orosium shrine, between the north and south Tabanta steppes, next to the Steppe Post. Beware, a Glacial Griock awaits you just in front of it.

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From her closed cocoon, the Great Fairy speaks to you and activates the side quest. Serenade for Muarenn, where she tells you that she wants to hear Trompatt's horn, from the Troubadours. Upon inquiry, they tell you they have heard something like a horn past the Great Tabanta Bridge. If you ride south along the canyon, you will hear the horn playing the Lon-Lon Ranch song before you reach the bridge and find the fallen musician in a sinkhole between the Ghissa and Droalna hills.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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Trompatt has his own side quest, The Dramatic Escape of the Instrumentalist, with which you have to get him out of trouble. Inside the sinkhole, it's up to you to fix his cart and make do with the available Zonai devices (or the few you have on you) to get him off the ground and out of the hole. When it is ready you ask him to get on (it is likely that you will not get the safest vehicle). Use Zonai energy spheres if it does not hold the battery and once saved Trompatt will reward you with vigor honey for your help.

Next, back at the Steppe Post, you will see that the cart must be roofed so that the snow does not spoil the Troubadours on the way to Muarenn's cocoon, so make sure there are no gaps. Once Muarenn comes out of the cocoon when you hear the beautiful performance you get a silver rupee. The following fairies, except Malanya, follow a similar structure with their quests:

2. Where is the Great Satten Fairy and how to get her out of her cocoon?

The Satten cocoon is located in the Hyrule Knights' Training Ground, slightly northeast of the floating Hyrule Castle, near the Forest Inn. The Great Fairy had hidden in it after a woman calling herself Zelda frightened her.

Your fellow journalist Orni Penn, from the "Lucky Clover Gazette" newspaper, entrusts you with a side quest Serenade for the Great Fairy, in which you have to make the music of her favourite instrument to get her to come out of the cocoon, in this case you'll needVionela's violin.

To take the company on this occasion it will be up to you to arrange the trotter for transporting musicians and instruments. Your favor will be reflected in the magazine and you will be given the fabric of the gazette as a gift.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

3. Where is the Great Fairy Seddha and how to bring her out of her cocoon?

The cocoon of the youngest sister of the Great Fairies is near a post in the western part of Necluda, in the eastern foothills of the Twin Peaks.

By activating the secondary quest Serenade for Seddha you will know that the Great Fairy wants to hear the drum of Perkuss. Apparently, the percussionist's drums were heard near Kakariko Village, around a bend on the way out of the Bonooru mountain range. You will hear it, and find him, near the bend of Lake Ciela, under a rock.

Perkuss wants three portions of vigor honey and with the side quest Sweet as Honey he suggests you get them near "a hole" in Kakariko, but it's easy to find them everywhere and you probably already have one from the trumpeter (which you can use with the Sensor if you already have it to find more).

When you return to the Twin Peaks Post by the river, you'll see that it's time to cross it with the whole company, so turn the cart into a motor raft and scare the troupe to death along the way.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

4. Where is the Great Fairy Laniah and how to get her out of her cocoon?

Laniah is older than her sister Seddah but younger than her other sister Satten. Her cocoon is near the Plains Post, under the Manhala Bridge, on the east bank of the Celestial River that borders Gerudo to the west.

For the quest Serenade for Laniah you will know that the Great Fairy wants to hear the pleasant sound of the flute.. from the flutist Flauryn who is linked to Haite, Yanae's sister, and they are often seen at the Farone Post to the southeast.

Travel there and inside Zoeh will tell you that she has heard the flute through some trees to the north as well as a strange animal in a forest to the east. The trees are attached to the pole and Flauryn is on a branch. Starting the side quest The Piper's Wish tells you about the fire in the flower field that he unwittingly started because his beloved Haite wanted to see a glowing tree. Get 10 stealth fireflies and he will give her the precious gift without killing trees. You can go to the forest north at night to hunt the insects.

Once the lovebirds are reunited, Flauryn is encouraged to return with the band and you can return to the Plains Post. There's already the troupe of The Troubadours playing in full! All that's left is to convert the cart into a gnarly buggie to climb up to the cocoon and delight Laniah with the nice concert.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Extra: Where to find the Great Deity Malanya and how to bring her out of her cocoon

New in BotW and much more 'creepy' than her relatives, the Great Horse Deity also returns in Tears of the Kingdom, of course, and now with new capabilities, like so many other things in the game. Like the Four Great Fairies, Malanya has moved to another place and you will no longer find her at the Lake of the Equines (where another equestrian surprise awaits you), but you will be much more in contact with her and, in addition, she offers a fantastic service.

First of all, before finding the Malanya cocoon, you will know about it when you decide to rest at any inn in a Malanya bed instead of a normal cot. As announced to you by the inn's regents, this accommodation has the bonus that you receive a Malanya oracle in your dreams. Among other things, it tells you where to find her and also where to find good specimens of horses, apart from the special horses in the game.

The equestrian fairy is waiting for you next to the Akkala post to the northeast. You must follow the path after the post at Akkala East and you will arrive at Roux Lake, north of the post. Instead of giving her music, as a steed Malanya is conquered by the stomach, in particular by giving her a spirited carrot.

When she comes out of the cocoon, she reveals that, apart from bringing back the horses that have left this world (she already resurrected your fallen mounts in BotW), she can enhance their attributes. However, if you wish to use her powers, you must compensate her with food.

"After all, there is a reason for the saying. Equine affairs are never dealt with on an empty stomach."

Thus, by paying for already cooked dishes you can improve the attributes strength, speed, endurance and shooting power. For example, it asks you for meals such as varied mountain sauté, grilled vegetables or aromatic herb sauté.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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