The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Memories Guide

The story of the new Zelda is told in pieces scattered throughout its immense open world. Here's how you can put those pieces together.

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If you are already playing the overwhelming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom You may have noticed that the narrative method is very similar to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That is, Link is collecting memories from another time to complete the puzzle of the story of this new adventure.

Ever since you first come down from the Sky Isles, or even in the trailers, you will have noticed those big marks that have appeared all over the Hyrule Surface. They are related to pieces of the story and if you've already got any of them you know what they are. What follows is a guide to help you find them all. If you still don't know what we're talking about, come back here when you find the first one. Also, this article will contain some very light story spoilers. You have been warned.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Where are all the Dragon Tears?

The Memories of the game (you can replay them in the Travelogue menu by pressing "-") that make up the story of Tears of the Kingdom are mainly those "tears of the Kingdom" that give the game its title, specifically called Dragon Tears by Impa and the researchers. As for those marks that resemble the mythical crop circles (for example depicted in the movie Signs) or the Nazca Lines, here they are aptly called Geoglyphs and are the obsession of the old sheikah this time around.

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By the way, if you want to know more about all this and get some visual clues within the game itself, the encounters with Impa will take you to the Forgotten Temple, at the end of Tanagar Canyon (don't worry, it's not infested with Guardians or any tough foes). But, if you're just after the story and want to get your hands on it as quickly as possible, here's a guide to all the memories/cutscenes in the game and how you unlock them.

In total, there are 12 Dragon Tears and 18 memories altogether.

Here we will tell you how to get all the memories of the adventure, but we won't give you spoilers about what they reveal.

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Memory 01: The Power of the Master Sword

To get the first memory in chronological order you will want to have already been playing for a few hours, because it happens in the company of the Great Deku Tree who is let's say indisposed when you first meet him. First, therefore, you will have to be able to talk to him, but that is part of a separate quest. This scene happens between Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom and logically has to do with the important role of the Master Sword in both adventures. In short, if you're really looking to do this one first, you'd best be prepared, as the quest to relieve the Deku Tree of his tummy troubles can be quite the challenge.

Memory 02: The Awakening

The first memory that appears in this game chronologically, is number 02 on your Purah Pad, because it is the scene that you activate as soon as you start your playthrough. In fact, it's the first thing you saw of Tears of the Kingdom, already with the older trailers. You know who that mummy is...

There's no special steps for this one. Just start the game.

Memory 03: Lost - Dragon's Tear 1

The geoglyph in the shape of Rauru is the most obvious because it is on the grass of the northern Hyrule Plain, between the Castle and the Nohmy Swamp. It is impossible to miss it during your first flight around the map. The teardrop is also easily seen on the zonai's head. The quest itself guides you here to investigate this first geoglyph from a bird's eye view from a hot air balloon with Impa, but remember that you may not have the paraglider yet! Be sure to grab it before heading up high so you can ensure a safe descent. You can do so by completing the first few steps of the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest.

Memory 04: An unknown world - Dragon's Tear 2

As the quest invites you to start at the Orni village, this is probably also the second geoglyph you will come across, in the form of a temple. It is on Tabanta Hill, between Tanagar Canyon and Orlim Lagoon. Its teardrop is seen above the entrance arch to the temple in the drawing.

Memory 05: Mineru's advice - Dragon's Tear 3

The geoglyph in the shape of Nintendo Switch or Purah Pad is also quite centrally located, although depending on the order of your quests you can find it much later. On the map it's between Beele Meadow and Beele Valley, or more broadly halfway between Hyrule Castle and the Zora Region. The teardrop is in the center of the screen and is clearly visible.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Memory 06: The Gerudo Assault - Dragon's Tear 4

Still in the center of the map, but this time to the southwest of the plain, next to the Samare Plateau, is the geoglyph in the shape of Moldora and its teardrop is on the still curved tail. You will find it easily from the Riverside Stable: In the Batol Lagoon, in the upper part of the drawing in a small circular forest.

Memory 07: False Loyalty - Dragon's Tear 5

Naturally, the geoglyph dedicated to Ganondorf is at the entrance to Gerudo, on the inner wall of the cliff overlooking the desert, under the Zaffir Plateau. Although it is very vertical, you will find the teardrop in the heart of the drawing, on the snow.

Memory 08: Zelda and Sonia - Dragon Tear 6

Somewhat further north of the previous one, this geoglyph dedicated to Sonia is far to the west in a straight line from the Watch Fort, on the Ilumen Plateau in the Hyrule Hills. The teardrop is seen at the right edge of the monarch's hair drawing.

Memory 09: The Tragedy of Sonia - Dragon's Tear 7

How well thought out is this geoglyph? It's shaped like a gerudo dagger and looks very nice printed above the only geographical formation in all of Hyrule that has the same shape: the Bressia Peninsula, in the southeastern corner of the map, east of Onaona Village. The teardrop is seen on one end of the weapon guard, above the hilt.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Memory 10: Birth of the Demon King - Dragon's Tear 8

Wow (sorry). This powerful memory is also easy to find, especially if you've gone in search of Zelda's Golden Horse. It's on top of the snowy North Tabanta Steppe, it's gigantic and shaped like a.... well, like a demon. The tear is on the left edge of the drawing.

Memory 11: The Demon King's Army -

This memory has no geoglyph and is activated by progressing in the story itself, obviously when you have advanced far enough to see the fantastic scene of what Ganondorf is capable of after acquiring the secret stone in the previous memory. You will see it by going to Hyrule Castle and following the main quest after completing the four temples connected to the four Scourges.

Memory 12: The Oath of the Wise - Dragon's Tear 9

Logically shaped like a magatama or secret stone, this geoglyph is located at the eastern end of the map, on the Talu Plateau, already facing the Lanayru Sea. If you look at the magatama as a '9', the teardrop is on its lower right curve.

Memory 13: The Monarch's Duty - Dragon's Tear 10

This geoglyph is also very clear and perhaps you'll find it very early, because it shines on a wall of Lake Hylia. If you look at the drawing, you will easily see the teardrop in its flower on the upper left, but beware of the flaming Gleeok guarding the bridge!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Memory 14

[Under construction, but check back soon if you're looking for this one!]

Memory 15: The Sword of Another Era - Dragon's Tear 11

This geoglyph in the shape of the Master Sword can be seen lying horizontally between the Ruins of Oumbra and the Eldin Range, and the tear is one of the easiest because it is at one end of the Evil Destroyer Sword, almost at the tip of the blade. Tip: if you're not flying around and you find yourself exploring the Underground, you can climb directly to the geoglyph from below using Ascend on a pillar.

Memory 16

[Under construction, but check back soon if you're looking for this one!]

Memory 17: Dragon's Tears - Dragon's Tear 12

The mega story event that we won't spoiler here is revealed in all its splendor with this bonus tear. To unlock it, you have to have found the previous eleven. This one will then drop in a very recognizable place: the Spiral Peninsula, the one with the spiral tail shape, in Akkala. Maybe you can even teleport directly to the Gemimiq Shrine to find the saddest tear a few meters away.

Memory 18: Zelda's Wish

Another one you get without a geoglyph, advancing naturally in the story. This last memory in the timeline is the closest to your current time once the demon king is confined to the past, and you'll see that it ties in with what happens in the Temple of Time at the beginning of the game. You will come back when you get that back on its dedicated mission.

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