The Meizu Zero offers the first 'holeless' phone

Features like the speakers and sim card slots are gone so that the whole design is uninterrupted, being replaced by equivalents elsewhere.

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A portless and buttonless phone is here in the form of the Meizu Zero, which has taken the discussion of removing features to a whole new level (remember Apple removing the headphone port?).

The design seen on the Meizu website is sleek and futuristic. It has nothing to break the design, not even speakers or a sim slot, and is described as "seamless" and "uninterrupted" in its design.

We don't know how the sim card is inserted yet, or if it even supports physical sim cards at all, as indicated by the specs that only show e-sim cards on GSMArena. Apparently things like volume controls are enacted via touch-sensitive panels, and fingerprint readers are built into the display. What's more is that speakers have been replaced by mSound 2.0 technology.

By pure logic, only wireless charging is available, though it will be with the powerful 18 watt version.

The GPU is an Adreno 630, and 64 and 128GB versions will be available. It will be running using Android Pie with dual 12/20MP camera available too. The front camera is 20MP as well, while only managing half the video resolution of the back camera. The display is a 6" AMOLED with 430 PPI and memory is either 4 or 6 GB.

The price is yet unknown, but the concept of a 'holeless' phone is interesting. Do you agree?

The Meizu Zero offers the first 'holeless' phone
The Meizu Zero offers the first 'holeless' phone
The Meizu Zero offers the first 'holeless' phone

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