The Minecraft movie has finished filming

It definitely seems on track to release next April.

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The Minecraft movie is nearing its release date. Years since Hollywood studios decided they could make some megabucks with a movie based on the hit game, and multiple drafts of a script later, we're nearing the live-action film's release.

Jason Momoa posted a picture of himself and fellow cast member Jack Black to announce that Minecraft is wrapping. "Unbelievable movie experience truly one of the greatest times of my life. Too many laughs. I love this country," Momoa wrote on Instagram.

Previously, we've only seen set images showing us some trees from the Minecraft movie, which has some worried. It's likely that the film is in for a lot of post-production work even if it is live-action, as there's no way to make people as blocky as they are in Minecraft otherwise.


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