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The Netherlands' ManuBachoore is the 2023 FIFAe World Cup champion

Taking home the lion's share of a $1 million prize pool.

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After a couple of weeks of competition, the three FIFAe tournaments being held at the Gamers8 festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have come to a close. Now, the third and final of the bunch, the FIFAe World Cup, has concluded, meaning we now have a victor to talk about.

For this year's event, the winner was none other than the Netherlands' "ManuBachoore". After managing to stave off the other competitors, he will be heading home with the lion's share of the $1 million prize pool.

The tournament wasn't met without its controversy however, as during a final penalty shootout, there were claims that a competitive advantage was gained by player's looking at the other player's screen. FIFAe has since addressed this and shutdown the claim by stating:

"After thorough review of the footage, we can also confirm that no player received a competitive advantage as the opposite team only watched their own screen."

With this being the case, the 2023 FIFAe season is now in the books, meaning the next time we see competition like this, it will likely be played on EA Sports FC 24 and using the new EA Sports FC Pro platform.


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